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Here are just a few of our Latex

 Balloon Colors and Prints

 With over 300 Mylar Balloons in stock to choose from, you can be sure to find what you need


Balloon Prices 

Solid 11" Latex      $1.15 each      $12.99 dozen

Pearl 11" Latex     $1.25 each     $13.99 dozen

Printed Latex        $1.35 each     $14.99 dozen

18" Mylar              $3.49 each     Plain Hearts or Stars     $1.99 each


Specialty Bouquets

Celebration     12 latex (8 solid + 4 printed) & 1 18" Mylar     $15.99

Fun Dozen        6 solid and 6 printed latex                               $13.99

Tower               9 latex (6 solid + 3 printed) & 1 18" Mylar      $12.99

Star Shine      5 solid latex + 2 Hearts or Stars & 1 18" Mylar  $11.99





      HI-FLOAT is a non-toxic, non-irritating, non-flammable, and biodegradable aqueous solution containing special water soluble plastic.  It dries inside the latex balloon to form a barrier coating which helps hold in helium.

     We treat all of our latex balloons with Ultra HI-FLOAT.  Untreated balloons last 8-12 hours, Ultra HI-FLOAT extends the life of the balloons up to 25 times longer .  

     We will place balloons in a plastic bag to help you easily transport them.  However, they must be removed as soon as possible, preferably in less than 1 hour.  They will NOT float if they are left in the bag too long. 

     It is normal for treated balloons to float only half as long in summer as they do in winter because of higher heat and humidity.  Rain and high humidity will dramatically reduce the floating life.  Exposure to direct sunlight will also shorten the floating life of balloons.   Do not put balloons in a hot car, run the air-conditioner first, helium expands in the heat and may cause the balloons to pop.